To make the proper decision it is necessary to have accurate information anytime we want for each aspect of our business.

Platform is a highly scalable connectivity scheme that collects the functionality of the different departments and with a two-way interface based on starndards.

Very easy. You hire access to the services and you instantly have a wide variety of possibilities and functionalities for your establishment.

You can develop your own applications using the Platform services or you can use our apps specifically designed for each department or a combination of both.

It is possible for them to coexist because there is only one common point between our apps and your developments, Platform. Both share the same platform services.

We provide you all the necessary information to develop your applications, whether are apps for iOS or Android or apps for Mac or Windows.

Platform works under a subscription of “Software as a Service”. There are no acquisition costs. You will only need devices with internet connection and the license to use the services.

You can access them anywhere.

There is no point in Platform where personal, customer or user information is captured, processed or stored. All data used by the platform services are subjected to the Cloud Hospitality privacy policy which you can find here: Privacy policy

Cloud Hospitality


welcome to the digital transformation!

These are the apps offered by Platform for you to start working right away.

  • eTechAssist Manage your maintenance department closely
  • eHouseKeep Control the housekeeping department tasks
  • eBellCaptain Maximize profitability in the concierge management
  • eTableBook The perfect system to manage all your restaurant bookings
  • eHotelGuest A new experience for your customers

How do we work in Platform?

Give us a few minutes. Find out!

In Platform we move the management to a cloud mobile environment to make the company more efficient and productive. Our foundations are universal access, ability to communicate in real time an ease of use.

Ease of use

Don’t need to be an expert. Start working right away.

Platform has been specially designed to minimize learning time. In the different apps you will be able to set up your establishment in a few steps and start working immediately.

In addition, if you want to develop your own apps, we will provide you with all the necessary documentation.

We strive for you to identify yourself immediately with the applications and be able to start taking advantage of them.

You will be productive since the very beginning.

Ah!! And help us improve. Tell us what will make you work better.


Bet on innovation

  • High availability
  • Secure and universal access
  • Integrity of the information guaranteed
  • Forget about your connection, you will always be able to work
  • Notification system
  • Real time communication between devices
  • Centralized information.

    No more stored information in different places and computers. The data is stored in a unique location, in a cloud environment and always available.

  • Avoid costly mistakes

    Having the same workflow on different devices not only minimizes learning, but also allows you to avoid manipulation and interpretation errors.

  • Secure access whenever you are

    Only you could access your information, no matter the device you are using or where you are. All connections are secure.

  • Significant savings

    No more investment in servers, security systems, storage, licenses. Say goodbye to expensive maintenance, backups, etc.

  • More information

    Other available modules on the Platform, eTechAssist, eHouseKeep, eBellCaptain, eTableBook, eHotelGuest

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